Overcoming Stress due to intergenerational disconnect #F001

Help the participants understand and empathize with Gen Z and Gen Alpha perceptions.The query based interactions and the intergenerational profiling activities ennsures reflection, deep thinking and helps establish better connects between generations to reduce conflict.

The challenges of new age parenting #F002

Help participants redefine the ways and means to apply effective parenting strategies on a regular basis. The query based interactions and the case studies ensure reflection, deep thinking and empower participants to design individual approaches for enlightened parenting experiences.

Faculty enrichment for effective collaboration in workspace. #F003

Help participants understand the significance of help seeking and help extending for an emotionally and socially vibrant workplace. The query based interactions help participants reflect and engage in deep thinking thereby inculcating cultures of collaboration at the workplace. The case study analysis further empowers participants to reach out in times of need and support each other when the time arises.

Being a mentor #F004

The participants will undertake a reflective and trasforming journey in this query based interactions.The individual participants will use a custom designed framework to identify their mentoring abilities, introspect as to how their abilities are being applied and reflect on the mentee outcomes.Helps individual participants assess themselves and transform the mentor role .