Why SEL?

 Man is a social being.He always seeks social and emotional validation.

A person is said to be emotionally validated when his emotions are interpreted correctly by people around him and is able to accept his own emotions and also is able to generate empathic reactions from others.

Emotional acceptance

Is the process through which a person understands the cause of an emotion and without fighting or denying the cause accepting the present state of mind and providing a reasonable time to outlive that emotion.

A person is socially validated when he is socially accepted, is able to connect socially and feel empathic to the social scenes around him.

 The period of individual brilliance in human evolutionary history is almost over; its collective efforts that matter. For collective efforts to succeed we need more emotionally literate and socially connected communities.

SEL approach and what  it does…
  • It stresses on collective efforts for problem solutions.
  • Helps establish ,flourishing communities
  • Multifaceted approach
  • Helps garner opinions of all parties involved
  • Helps create emotionally engaged and socially connected communities.
  • Promote dynamic interpersonal relationships.
  • Creates positive behavioral outcomes
  • Enhances emotional, social and cognitive skills.
  • Improves academic engagement and performance.
  • Evinces greater student interest ,enjoyment and involvement in academic activities
  • Helps in creating and maintaining collaborative learning environments.
  • Leads to pro social behavior
  • Helps in active decision making.
  • Helps maintain quality relationships in the community
  • Improves the wellbeing of the individual and the society.